The X-Files: Season 5 Fanlisting

Unusual Suspects - 5x01

episode image Air Date:  11/16/97
Writer:  Vince Gilligan
Director:  Kim Manners

† synopsis: The secret origin of the Lone Gunmen is revealed at last! The conspiracy-hunting trio first meet at a computer convention, drawn together to protect a scientiest on the lam from none other than FBI agent Fox Mulder.

† extra info: Sure, we've seen a lot of episodes with the Lone Gunmen over the years. But how much did we ever really know about them? Even Bruce Harwood, who plays the clean-cut Byers, felt left in the dark until Unusual Suspects came along. "We've had a rapport ever since the beginning, but it feels very different now that we have a history that we never had before," Harwood says of his relationship with actors Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund. "The previous four seasons it was just walking in and being the guys and making up stories about why they were what they were. The next time I walked on set after we shot Unusual Suspects, I was thinking about this episode, thinking 'So this is who I am.'

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