The X-Files: Season 5 Fanlisting


The X-Files began it's fifth season on television in September of 1997. Twenty episodes would be filmed for this season; some of them would deal with the continuing story of the mythological conspiracy, and the rest would be stand-alones. Out of these 20 episodes, there is only 1 that I probably wouldn't watch again. I'll let you guess which one that is, but how incredible for a tv series to have so many episodes in one season be so popular with the viewers!

During the 1997-1998 season, The X-Files was the highest-rated program on the Fox Network, the 5th highest-rated program on American television, the second highest drama, and the winner of it's Sunday 8 p.m. (cst) time slot. It received 16 Emmy and 3 Golden Globe nominations; it won the Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction for The Post Modern Prometheus, Outstanding Single-Picture Editing for Kill Switch and the Golden Globe for Best Drama Television Series.

Over 27 million viewers tuned in for the season opener Redux - the highest of the 5th season. It averaged almost 20 million viewers for each weekly episode… that's a lot of people tuning in! In May of 1998, the last episode to be filmed in Vancouver aired… The End. Then it was on to the movie and the filming of Season 6 in Los Angeles.

By the end of the Fifth Season, our two main characters had switched roles: Mulder became a disillusioned skeptic and Scully played with spiritualism and a belief in the paranormal. But the characters kept growing, the episodes kept getting better, and the viewers kept tuning in. Of all the DVD's that I own, the The X-Files are watched and rewatched the most.

The series was and still is a phenomenon all to itself. It will never be duplicated… it will never be equaled. I hope you enjoy your stay here… maybe you'll find yourself taking that DVD off the shelf and watching some of those incredible episodes again.